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5 things you know are true if you own a Newfoundland

16/02/2021 - Your Questions Answered

If you’re lucky to have a Newfoundland, Newfie, or Newf in your life here are the 5 things you know are true about owning one.

If you’re thinking about getting one this is a must-read to find out if Newfoundland’s really are suitable for you and your lifestyle.

Arthur showing off his new bandana

The Newfoundland is one of the largest most gentle giants of the dog world. These fluffy bears look super cute but the reality of owning one might shock you as they’re not suitable for everyone.

Here are the 5 things you know are true if you’re a Newfie owner.

1. Slobber

Slobber, drool or whatever you call it, it gets everywhere and I mean everywhere. You’ll find it in places you never knew it could reach, when a Newfoundland shakes their head it can be found dripping from the ceiling and that’s no exaggeration. When you think you’ve cleaned every surface of the house, look again as I can guarantee there’s a suspect looking stain somewhere hiding ready to make your mother-in-law blush. I often sit down in the evening feeling smug that I can keep my house this clean with a Newfie, only to discover a globule on the TV.

Arthur enjoying the snow
Arthur the Newfoundland dog in the snow

2. Size

They’re a giant dog so you can imagine. My Arthur stands at nearly 6 feet on his back legs and at 55kg he’s quite small for a Newfoundland. The males can weight around 75kg. Getting them neutered early can prevent them from getting bigger and we think that’s why Arthur is on the smaller size for a male. If you get a Newfie as a puppy getting them to walk nicely on a lead is a must as their weight can be enough to drag even the strongest of people across the road. Either that or you’ll have to regularly attach yourself to the nearest lamp post each time they want to get to something.

Arthur on an adventure

3. Hair

If you’re not a fan of brushing dogs, a Newfoundland is definitely not the dog for you. They require brushing daily to keep on top of their thick double coats to prevent matting. I brush Arthur every day and sill find little mats I must brush out, nothing that a little detangling spray won't sort out though. Oh, and the tumbleweed if you have hard flooring requires some collecting. I swear, if I kept a months’ worth of hair I brushed out of Arthur, I would have enough to knit a life-size model of him. Us Newfoundland owners often refer to their hair as condiments, it gets in places you never imagined including in your food.

4. Cleaning

They’re probably not the dog for you if you’re super house proud. It is possible to keep our home relatively clean if you own a Newfoundland, but if you’re like me and live in the countryside, mud and Newfies make a messy combination. I would need to clean my house 3 times a day do keep it showroom perfect, but I’m realistic and as the saying goes ‘a dirty dog is a happy dog’ and the same goes for my house. Maybe get a cleaner to help you out especially if they’re swimmers, oh and investing in some dog-friendly air freshener is wise.

Arthur with dirty paws

5. Health

Newfoundland’s are prone to some health conditions and it’s not uncommon for some to have allergies and get yeasty ears. Make sure you regularly check their ears and watch out for any dodgy smells and scratching. As they are so big, they can get joint problems too so it’s important not to let them get overweight. I give Arthur golden paste to support his joins which is a turmeric paste with black pepper. He doesn’t have joint issues, but I want to do everything I can to keep his joints good for as long as possible. 

I’m guessing all of the above and more rings true if you’re a Newfie owner and if you’re thinking of getting one, I hope this hasn’t discouraged you. All these characteristics are what make them stand apart from other breeds and makes them so special. I love my big fluffy hair bear and will most definitely have more in the future.

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