Hello My name is Karen Rhodes and I am the founder of Luxury Dog Hampers, here's my story about why I created the business.

Karen Rhodes founder of Luxury Dog Hampers with Bailey

Over twelve years ago I walked into a council pound to look for a dog. Bailey picked me and I didn't know how much he would challenge me but, ultimately make my life better. 

After discovering I was his fourth owner at only ten months old, I made a promise to love and care for him for the rest of his life, this meant changing my career to suit his needs. 

As a first-time dog owner, I did the usual things such as buying half the pet store, not really knowing anything about the products until I started my dog services business. It was then I started to see and hear things about items that surprised me. 

I read about all the horror stories of rawhide chews and how they are made I swore I would never give one to Bailey ever again. It also prompted me to research other items I used to give him such as his toys.  For me, it was very important that I only gave the very best to Bailey and what I was giving him was safe and good for him.

My dog who inspired Luxury Dog Hampers

Whilst trying to find the best gifts for Bailey, going from store to store and searching websites for luxurious gifts all packaged beautifully was proving a challenge. Having high standards and knowing Bailey deserves the finer things in life, I decided to present all his favourite products in a wicker hamper.

Bailey was also approaching his fourteenth birthday my regular job as a dog walker was becoming increasingly difficult. He was unable to come with me due to his arthritic legs and leaving him home alone for long periods was not an option when he lost his hearing and became anxious. I didn't know what to do as my business was thriving and I even won several awards for it. Passionate about all things dog, I knew whatever I did it would have to be dog-related. 

Sadly Bailey is no longer with us but his legacy continues and I have not one but two new testers, meet Arthur the Newfoundland and Bertie the Border collie.

Arthur and Bertie Luxury Dog Hampers testers

One evening I was watching a program about Fortnum and Mason and I had my light bulb moment. I quickly Googled luxury dog hampers and nothing came up. There were a few hampers for dogs but nothing like I had in mind for dog gifts and that's when Luxury Dog Hampers was born, the rest, as they say, is history.

Luxury Dog Hampers will only included organic, 100% natural treats and you don't need to a science degree to work out what's in them. The toys are chosen for their quality and how safe they are for your dog