Pure Indulgence

For your dog

Luxury Dog Hampers supply exclusive pet supplies because your dog deserves the most opulent gifts.
All dog treats are sourced from local artisans and British independent small businesses chosen because they make 100% natural goodies with no nasty additives, artificial flavours or colourings.
Each hamper is packed full of British, sustainably sourced, safe, and decadent gifts and are presented in a reusable wicker basket. 
Our story
Journal Journal Safe dog chews

How would you like to eat bleached leather?
I’m guessing you wouldn’t but, that’s exactly what you’re giving to your dog if your feeding them rawhide chews, who knew?


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Journal Journal How pets change lives

We frequently hear inspiring stories about service dogs changing people’s lives for the better and the amazing work that therapy dogs do, but as 2019 draws to a close I have found myself becoming increasingly reflective on my own life and the impact that having Buddy has had on me personally. - Becky Baker K9Nation

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Journal Journal This years charitable donations

We're pleased to announce that this year we have chosen Service Dogs UK as our nominated charity.
 Click here to visit their website to find out what they do